About us

SkyCAD Systems is a software company developing SkyCAD Electrical, a next generation electrical CAD application.

The SkyCAD team combines more than 25 years of experience in electrical CAD software. Our extensive experience includes software development, customisation, implementation, training, maintenance and support. We have collaborated with clients from all industries, from automation and robotics to aeronautics and automotive.

Our mission

Our goal is to provide an electrical design tool in line with our customers' workflows and requirements.

A software so easy to use no training is required to produce your first project.
A FREE entry-level licence.
Higher-level licences payable monthly to reduce our
customers' investment commitment.

Considerably reduce time spent managing options and variants through our
unique and very efficient configuration management process.

Also, SkyCAD Systems favors the development of a user community by providing access to a forum, where users can get help from our technical support staff, share tricks and tips, or exchange symbols and catalogue parts.

Collaborators and partners

SkyCAD Systems is continuously reaching out to players in the industry to ensure its product measure up to the market's standards and requirements. Whether they are manufacturers of electrical components, machine builders, panel builders, electrical engineers, designers or drafters, our numerous collaborators and partners are engaged in an ongoing conversation with our development team, feeding us with precious information that helps us keep SkyCAD Electrical a top of the line electrical design software.


Carlo Gavazzi

IFM Effector

Heron Aero Solutions, LLC

ANCO Rendering Equipment, LLC

Nivek Automatisation

Industrial Measurements and Control

Ultimate Group

Intek Systems


iD3 Solutions


Jason Wolthuis Enterprises

Amplituda Vala

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