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About us

SkyCADSystems is a software company that offers you SkyCADElectrical™, the electrical CAD software.

The SkyCAD team combines more than 25 years of experience in electrical schematic software. Our extensive experience includes software development, customisation, implementation, training, maintenance and support. We have collaborated with clients from all industries, from automation and robotics to aeronautics and automotive.

Our mission

Our goal is to provide a high-end electrical schematic software in line with our customers' workflows and requirements.

A software so easy to use no training is required to produce your first project.

A FREE entry-level license.

Higher-level licenses payable monthly to reduce our customers' investment commitment.

Offer unique design reuse features, such as Design-by-Systems and Configuration Management.

And SkyCADSystems favors the development of a user community by providing access to a forum, where users can get help from our technical support staff, share tricks and tips, or exchange symbols and catalogue parts.

Download your FREE version of SkyCADElectrical™ now!

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