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The Electrical CAD Software.

If you are looking for an electrical schematic software, SkyCADElectrical™ is the tool for you. It provides high-end electrical design features, does not require dedicated training to master, and comes at a price that makes sense.

With our FREE Standard license, you'll get all the main schematics tools most automation factories require. Our Advanced and Pro licenses, which give access to higher-end features, are available through a monthly or yearly subscription base model, making our electrical design software as easy to reach as possible.

High-end electrical CAD features

SkyCADElectrical™ will give you access to all the features you'd expect from any high-end wiring diagram software. It automates wire and component numbering, manages parts-lists and BOM, updates cross-references, creates panel layout design, and more.

No training required

Its intuitive user interface, combined with numerous on-line tutorials, makes learning SkyCADElectrical™ a walk in the park.

Any question you may have will be answered promptly on our support forum.

Powerful, yet affordable

With our free Standard license, you get all the main schematic features that usually come at a hefty price. If you need to have access to our higher-end features, our monthly or yearly subscription model lets you pay only for the features you need, only when you need them.

For Industrial Automation

For OEM Manufacturers


Projects are usually different from one customer to another, but parts of them are often similar, if not exactly the same.

SkyCAD’S Design-by-Systems allows you to define these portions of projects and store them to catalogue, so you can use them as many times as you want, in as many projects as you want.

In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to add conveyors, pumps, incomers, compressors, or any other systems you often need, all pre-wired. And parts-lists, IO lists and all other reports will be updated automatically.

Configuration Management

If the products you offer come with various options (e.g.: with or without remote control panel, different motor starting methods, with or without outfeed conveyor, etc.), your schematics need to match the options chosen by your customers for each order.

SkyCAD’s configuration management allows you to define options and apply design modifications in the context of those options. Then, based on your customer’s order, you can activate the relevant options, which automatically applies all the pertinent design modifications, throughout the entire project.

License sharing

Any user you wish, no matter where they are located, can have access to your license when you’re not using it.

You can own any number of licenses and share them with any number of users at no extra cost.

Online Parts Catalogue

Get access to multiple electrical parts and components in SkyCAD file format, all created and shared by the SkyCAD user community.

Download your FREE version of SkyCADElectrical™ now!

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