The electrical CAD software.

Looking for an electrical drawing software? SkyCADElectrical™ is the tool for you. It provides high-end electrical design features, does not require dedicated training to master, and comes at a price that makes sense.

With our FREE Standard license, you'll get all the main schematic tools required for most industrial automation projects. Our higher-end features are available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.

This makes SkyCADElectrical™ the most powerful and affordable electrical design software on the market.

High-end electrical CAD features

No training required

Powerful, yet affordable

SkyCADElectrical™ will give you access to all the features you'd expect from any high-end electrical CAD package. It automates wire and component numbering, manages parts-lists and BOMs, updates cross-references, creates panel layout design, and more.

Its intuitive user interface, combined with numerous on-line tutorials, makes learning SkyCADElectrical™ a walk in the park.

Any question you may have will be answered promptly on our support forum.

With our FREE Standard license, you get all the main schematic features that usually come at a hefty price. If you need to have access to our higher-end features, our monthly or yearly subscription model lets you pay only for the features you need, only when you need them.

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