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SkyCADElectrical™ has all the features expected from a high-end electrical CAD software. With our FREE Standard license, you'll get all the main schematic tools required for most industrial automation projects. The Advanced and Pro licenses are available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.


Automated numbering

Automated cross-references

Automated parts-list, BOMs and other reports.

Access to our online parts catalogue.


Panel layout tools

Cable and connector management

Pin-to-pin wiring lists

I/O lists import and I/O schematics generation.



Wire harness tools

Configuration management


Enhanced revision control


Full features details

       (Click any feature for details.)

Applies to wires, components, panels, sheets, projects, and more.

Renumbering feature allows to ensure sequential values.

Fully customisable.

Automatically generate parts-lists, BOMs, cabling lists, wiring lists, and more.

Lists are updated in real time as the design evolves.

Export to Excel® in a single click. (Requires Advanced license)

Cross-references calculated as soon as symbols are linked together.

Updated in real-time as the design evolves.

Share licenses with coworkers.

Multiple licenses can be shared.

No extra cost.

Easy and intuitive user interface.

Short learning curve.

Tutorials and documentation available on line for free.

Free support through our user forum.

Create complex blocks in no time at all.

Just enter pinout information and let SkyCAD create the symbol for you.

Ensures consistency throughout your symbol library.

Number, sort and organise your terminals within their terminal strip.

Automatic generation of terminal strip layout.

Advanced license includes the use of stacked terminals.

Lock version of an entire project.

Consult any version of a project in one click. (Requires Pro license)

Compare between project versions. (Requires Pro license)

Size your panel accurately.

Ease panel assembly by supplying specific layouts.

Generate panel cut-outs in a single click.

Manage wire colors, gauges and part-numbers.

Generate pin-to-pin wire lists.

Generate exportable wire label lists.

Import I/O list from Excel®

Automatically generates all required PLC drawings.

Edit I/O comments through worksheet view within SkyCad.

Easily add cables to your schematics.

Manage shield connections.

Automatically generate cable schedules based on the schematics.

Flag a project as being already assembled and wired.

Only new wires and components get renumbered by automatic numbering.

Deleting terminals in schematics turns them into spares in terminal block.

Easily export all sheets of a project to DWG or DXF files.

Export to PDF by easily printing to PDF.

Define wire harness diagrams.

Wire and cable lengths automatically calculated.

Generate harness BOMs.

Reuse previous designs in one click.

No need for complex scripts and macros.

Easily manage options and variants through an options tree.

Design systems and store them to catalogue.

Reuse Systems multiple times in different projects.

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